Sunday, May 10, 2009

some quick images from AGI...

the Beginnings of AGI..

Beginning this new program AGI working with rendering and calculating lighting, I became super overwhelmed. I knew that I needed to have 3 different types of lighting and 1 architectural detail/element, so I did some research on different types of lighting elements.

The first one is suspended recessed lighting, which can be used in both commercial or residential areas. I find these slick and small enough and small enough to be able to fit into a residential space, as well as being able to give off enough light to help light the space properly without making the space full of them. 

Here is an image of recessed lighting shown in a dining space. Most residential spaces I have been in, have had recessed lighting throughout the spaces. They give off great light and because they are flush with the ceiling the dont overwhelm the ceiling or the space as well. 

Above: represents an architectural detail/element, because it is a residential space I wanted the architectural element to be less loud then this one, but I thought it was a cool detail for a commercial or retail space, it provides good space for the lights as well as a source for way finding and for visual pleasure.

cove lighting was what I found myself proposing for the space. It allows ambient lighting when there is daylight as well as good night time lighting. I wanted to focus on keeping as much daylighting in the space and in use as possible which is why i chose an architectural element that was sensitive to the natural lighting as well as the space.

Color Experiment

It was important for us as designers to learn, obtain the knowledge and to understand the impact that color, color schemes and color choices can have on a space. Working with color schemes learned in class, we focused on a study working with photoshop to help us understand the power of color schemes in a space. Below is a sample of analogous, complementary and monochromatic. 

The eiffel Tower lights up on the hour every hour starting at 5pm I believe and you can see the lights lighting up the outdoors from miles and miles away. It isn't because of the size of the tower, rather it is the luminance and the lamps that are used for the lighting of the eiffel tower. It is both amazing and brilliant what lighting can do. 
Lighting used as advertising. This building a COACH store isn't only advertising during the day with their window displays and sale  signs, rather it is displaying 24/7 utilizing the power and brilliancy that light can play on a space and a building. When it gets dark out the "C's" take over the exterior of the building and allow for people to see from blocks away where the Coach store is, to draw attention and draw more clients into the store

Daylighting BOX

For the day lighting project we really wanted to focus on breaking out of the box as well as the designers we looked at, we wanted to utilize their elements of design as best as possible. Multilateral day lighting was achieved through the use of four types of openings in this model, which in total create a space for both gathering and quiet contemplation. The ribs on the southern wall provide shade for the interiors as well as providing daylight openings. As a result of the curved light shelf, the top light entering the space diffuses on the surrounding walls providing no harsh shadows. However, the skylights located on the light shelf control the top light and only allows specific light downward to create the pattern of light on the interior floor. The impact of this combination of lighting is diverse within this space but is unified through the structures that create this daylit atmosphere. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Inspirational lighting

Some inspirational lighting I came across while in Atlanta for the weekend. The top picture is of a huge light fixture we came across while heading up to Perkins + Will. The ceiling were extremely tall, and there were about 4 of these light fixtures to help illuminate the space as well as serving for decoration. They also had wall sconces that were similar to the design, and again served for intimate lighting.

The below picture is a lighting fixture in the [W] Hotel. They had renovated and did quite a bit of updates to the below area. The light really helped give the space the modern edge along with the rest of the space. standing under the light fixture makes you feel so small and almost as if you were looking at falling stars. Its amazing how different light fixtures can influence and evoke emotions.